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Lead Paint Removal
Maple Reinders and Gordon Food Service

We spent about 4 weeks setting up a 3 layered containment for an 81,000 cubic foot area, and sandblasting structural steel beams and joists to remove lead based paint for a cold storage upgrade, to a 10 loading bay section of their facility. We used 2 diesel powered sandblasters with 150' air hose running inside the area and on to our Aerial Lifts driven from our certified operators.

Delta, BC

81000 cubic foot area Sandblasters Aerial Lifts
Lead Paint Removal
Maple Reinders and Domino's pizza

We were on site for a little over 2 weeks setting up a containment and sandblasting structural steel, to remove lead based paint from structural steel in the rafters of the warehouse. Again, we used diesel sandblasters ran from the exterior of the building and up into our containment with our certified guys running our aerial lifts. Again, the pictures we should use on this should be more based on the containment, and to use pictures before the are had become contaminated.

Langley, BC

2 weeks Sandblasters Aerial Lifts
HMI Sampling
Whitetail homes

Sampling project for a multi address HMI in downtown Langley- All of our Level "S" certified workers went and did some of the sampling for the HMI building for the multiple address demolition. We collected well over 200 individual samples, and compiled them into a intricately-detailed HMI for our client at Whitetail homes.

Downtown Langley, BC

Multi-Address 200 Samples Level "S" Certified workers
Kloot Construction

We gutted a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom ranch-style home in preparation for demolition. We removed all drywall, insulation, flooring, and other pertinent materials prior to giving our client the clearance letter needed, along with the peace of mind that the job was handled in a professional and timely manner.

Langley, BC

5 Beds 2 Baths Ranch Style Home Ahead of Schedule Clearance Letters