Mould Remediation

What Is Mould

Mould can be defined as a soft green or grey growth that develops on objects that are left too long in warm, wet or damp areas. Some times you will see this word spelled out as Mold, which can be used in the similar manner, however it could also describe a hollow container used to shape hot wax, or metal.

Visit the link to learn more about Mould VS Mold. When discussing “Mould Removal services“, we will use ‘mould’ spelling.

Water damage is a common occurrence in a large number of homes and commercial properties in cities like Vancouver, as well as the rest of BC. When identified early and properly cleaned, water damage isn’t very serious. However, if dampness is allowed to remain undiscovered for a long period of time on any surface, it can lead to significant mould growth. In these cases, mould remediation is usually required to ensure the affected areas are thoroughly cleaned and the damaged material is properly removed.

At Scott Asbestos, we can ensure any mould we encounter in your home or commercial property will be eradicated and safely removed according to our strict safety cleaning guidelines.

Treating a Mouldy Attic

We typically don’t look in our attic that often but if you do and discover the plywood sheathing is discolored or black you may have a mould problem. Mould in the attic is commonly due to a lack of ventilation sometimes because extra insulation was added and is blocking the soffit vents. Call the pros at Scott Asbestos and Hazmat and we can address the ventilation issues and treat the mould in your attic today.

Mould Removal

Mould is often found underneath certain surfaces and behind walls where most people don’t often get a chance to look. Generally, our team encounters mould issues in places like attics and bathrooms, as well as under carpets, inside walls and window sills, and in small enclosed crawl spaces with poor ventilation.

Once we identify the extent of the mould growth, we can isolate the affected area and begin thoroughly removing all traces of mould and affected materials. More importantly, our experts are careful to keep toxic mould spores from spreading to other areas of the building where they can cause serious health problems. To ensure the mould never returns, we take steps to seal the area from further water damage and can rebuild using water resistant materials.

There are many types of mould that can be found in any type of building in Vancouver or any other city in the lower mainland. Due to the high level of precipitation common to the area, water damage can occur suddenly and lead to extensive issues with mould. Some mould can lead to extremely serious health issues such as pneumonia, bronchitis, nausea and respiratory bleeding. The substance known as black mould can appear as a brown, green or black growth, and is among the most dangerous types of mould commonly found in the area.

At Scott Asbestos, we have the skill and equipment to handle any type of mould issue no matter how extensive. To start making your home or commercial property safer and healthier today, be sure to contact the dedicated and highly skilled mould removal experts at Scott Asbestos for all of your mould remediation needs!

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