Human Decomp Clean-Up

It is likely not a surprise to learn that careful and proper cleaning and disposal of human decomposition or dead bodies requires professional expertise. There is much more to the process than simply having a coroner remove the body and wipe down any surfaces it came into contact with. There are numerous considerations that need to be given, which is why you should enlist the help of a trained team of courteous professionals to handle a job like this.


Once a human expires, decomposition begins in about fifteen minutes. When the body is left unattended, fluids like blood, urine and feces are evacuated, attracting the attention of numerous insects and household pests. Flying insects will lay eggs in mucus membranes, and once hatched, the young insects will spread decomposed waste throughout the building as they start to move around. Furthermore, pests like mice and other rodents will track bodily fluids throughout the property as they come into contact with the body. It is for reasons like these that you must enlist the help of a team of professional cleaners like the ones at Scott Asbestos. This is particularly true if you encounter a body that has been decomposing for an extended period of time. We will be sure to comb through every area of the property that has possibly come into contact with any hazardous decomposed waste, and will thoroughly clean all affected areas.

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