Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup

After watching a gory scene in a crime drama or police procedural show, you may find yourself wondering who they get to clean up after the investigation is finished. Even the dirtiest crime or trauma scenes need to be cleaned eventually, which is where the experts at Scott Asbestos come in. Although many violent crime scenes or areas where major trauma has occurred are among the least desirable locations you can think of, we are ready to clean them so they can return to their original state. When it comes to complete professional cleaning of even the toughest messes, Scott Asbestos can provide industry leading service.

Crime Scenes

When it comes to cleaning and removing traces of blood, tissue and other bodily fluids and hazardous waste, there is much more to it than what the eye can see. Waste of this kind can leave chemical traces that are often hidden from the naked eye, but can still lead to health issues if a person is exposed over even a short period of time. With proper equipment and cleaning techniques however, our team of professionals can make any trace of hazardous material from a crime scene virtually disappear. Even chemicals used by crime scene investigators can leave unsightly traces, which is why we pay close attention to any area where these chemicals might have been used. This helps avoid future stains as well as unpleasant odours.

Trauma Scenes

Trauma scenes are often less restricted than a crime scene, which means the potential for more people to be exposed to hazardous materials and fluids increases exponentially. Due to this fact, it is vital to have a trauma scene professionally cleaned in a timely fashion. Thanks to our skilled employees and state of the art cleaning equipment, Scott Asbestos can ensure any recent trauma scene is made clean in a timely fashion. To book our top quality crime and trauma scene cleaning services, be sure to contact one of our friendly staff members today.

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