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Our biohazard cleanup services involve cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing residential and commercial properties where a traumatic event has taken place. Accidents, injuries, or deaths can leave a variety of hazardous materials behind, including blood, chemical spills, human or animal waste, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials.

It's important to note that the city is not responsible for providing biohazard cleaning services as this is up to the property owner to arrange. For example, if there was a crime committed on your property, police investigators will collect evidence from the crime scene, and then it is the property owner's responsibility to seek professional hazmat cleanup. That's where we come in.

At Scott Asbestos, we provide everything from crime scene cleanup and biohazard waste removal to chemical spill remediation, sanitation deodorization, sewage cleanup services, and more. For the thorough and responsible removal of biohazardous waste, we have the skilled professionals, proper equipment, and certification to provide reliable hazmat cleanup.

Our biohazard cleanup services include:

• Remediation of blood and bodily fluids
• Virus decontamination
• Crime scene cleanup
• Deodorization and odour control
• Removal of chemical contaminants
• Hoarding cleanup
• Human and animal waste cleanup and sanitization
• And more

Biohazard Cleanup Process

When we conduct biohazard cleanup, it is always carried out with diligence, professionalism, and respect for all people involved. To ensure all potentially hazardous materials are removed and every space is cleaned and sanitized up to industry standards, our process for hazmat cleanup is as follows:

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To protect workers from hazardous materials, everyone at the cleanup site will be wearing and using the proper equipment. While the specifics vary from job to job, the hazmat cleanup gear should always include full-face protection, waterproof coveralls, gloves, and a respirator.


When on site, the cleanup crew will identify all affected areas to determine the extent of the hazmat cleanup and design a plan of action.


The crew will then remove all potentially hazardous materials from the site.


If the cleanup involves hazardous medical waste such as amniotic fluid, spinal fluid, blood, or other bodily fluids, the hazardous material will be disposed of according to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) standards.


To mitigate serious risk and maintain health regulations, technicians remove porous materials such as fabrics, carpets, tapestries, etc. from the property.


All non-hazardous materials will be disposed of or decontaminated if considered safe and salvageable.


After the biohazard removal and hazmat cleanups complete, technicians will deodorize the premises. If further cleanup is needed to fully deodorize the space, hydroxyls or ozone can be used to eliminate any lingering scents.


If the incident left stains on the walls, floors, or ceiling, these areas may be sealed to cover any discolouration.

Cleanup Costs

Biohazard cleaning is a varied industry, as every case comes with its own set of nuances and requirements. As such, there is no fixed price for hazmat cleanup. Rather, when potential clients inquire about our services, we provide an estimate based on our years of experience providing hazmat cleanups. However, the final quote will be given after we visit the scene and can answer the following questions:

  • What is the condition of the property?
  • Does the incident include a death or suicide?
  • How much time has passed between the event occurring and the discovery of the incident?
  • Does the event involve an industrial accident?
  • Does the scene include biological contaminants, chemical contaminants, blood borne pathogens, etc.?
  • What equipment is needed to provide the biohazard cleanup?

We will then be able to provide a customized quote on the cost of our biohazard cleaning services.

Our Benefits

At Scott Asbestos, we specialize in the removal of hazardous materials. When it comes to remediating a residential or commercial property after an accident, injury, or death has occurred, our team has the means to fully restore the space. Our highly trained professionals are licensed, insured, and certified to remediate contaminated environments according to health regulations and applicable laws.

In addition to professionalism, we instill a great deal of care, compassion, and consideration into what we do. We understand that some events may be traumatic or involve the loss of loved ones and must be handled with sensitivity. It is always our goal to provide cleanup services with our client's well-being in mind, and hopefully restore feelings of peace and calm for all involved.


If there is a biohazard on your property, ensure that you make minimal contact with the material. Then, depending on the situation, assess whether authorities need to be called (e.g., crime scene, medical emergency, compromised safety, etc.). Next, call for biohazard cleaning services and inform us of the situation. We can provide you with the information you need to minimize the health risks for yourself and others while our team is on their way to your location.

Customer Reviews

Fortino VFortino V
06:36 15 Aug 22
I'm glad I found this service provider for my friend. This is a very trustworthy company. Very professional. On time. Customer centric. Pleasure to meet them. They did the asbestos abatement for my friend's condo and I let them in to do the work. It was done to our full satisfaction. Adam and Colleen are hard working and cooperated to handle this job. They've left an indelible impression. Deanna provided first class customer service. I cannot thank them enough. They honored the original quote. They left the job site very clean. I wish all companies were this good.
Julia CrowtherJulia Crowther
18:27 15 Jul 22
I recently contacted Scott Asbestos and was very impressed with Trevor, the owner, as to how he listened to my situation and handled the matter. He promptly sent his employee, Justin, who was professional yet friendly, informative and showed genuine concern for my situation. I am very pleased with Scott's service and am thankful for their assistance.
Callen BasilioCallen Basilio
00:50 21 Jun 22
As a separate company, it has been a pleasure to partner with Trevor and his team. Everyone is nice to work with and proper communication is one of our core values. They are very versed in their field and they have very organized standard operating procedures.Trevor as a person is easy to talk to and I would describe him as a trustworthy individual.
Thomas LeeThomas Lee
15:00 15 Jun 22
Wow! What a great team at Scott's asbestos removal. Diana was in contact with me throughout the process getting the technician, Dave, to our condo and the job was done in about 4 to 5 hours. I came back and the bathroom walls were removed and everything was cleaned up as though no one had been there. We are extremely pleased with the price and the service and would highly recommend them.
Sarah OrtisSarah Ortis
15:46 03 May 22
Have used Scott's Asbestos for testing in two houses and asbestos abatement in one house. They are great to work with. Their administration staff are very responsive, understanding and solution oriented. They worked fast to get their staff on site for inspection and at producing reports. The onsite employees were professional and knowledgeable. Very fair and competitive pricing. Highly recommend

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