Asbestos Insulation


Working with any type of insulation for residential or commercial use requires a skilled and knowledgeable hand to ensure the insulation is safely removed or properly installed. At Scott Asbestos, our team has a great deal of experience when it comes to removing old hazardous insulation and replacing it with new safe insulation that works far more effectively. We will be sure to keep all building occupants safe from exposure to any harmful materials encountered while working on the insulation in your attic with our safe removal process. In addition, our insulation experts are fully equipped and prepared to repair and update the ventilation in your attic before new insulation is added to prevent issues like dampness occurring in the future.


The team at Scott Asbestos has a great deal of experience when it comes to safely removing old insulation from attics of all sizes and shapes. In the case of properties built before 1990, it is not uncommon to find insulation which contains asbestos. Prior to 1990, building restrictions did not forbid the use of asbestos, which was relatively cheap and abundant and thought to be ideal for use in household insulation. Today we know of the major health hazards posed by asbestos, which is why it is so important to have it properly removed from your attic insulation by an experienced team of professionals. With Scott Asbestos, you can rest assured that we will eliminate all traces of insulation containing asbestos from your attic in a safe and fast manner. Even if your home is equipped with insulation that contains no asbestos, it is important to replace the insulation after a number of years, especially if it has been exposed to moisture over the years. Damaged insulation can quickly lead to higher energy bills and inefficient heating and cooling of your property.


Once we have removed your old attic insulation and cleaned the area of any hazardous and damaged material, our insulation experts will then begin installing new insulation. We begin by repairing any damaged surfaces or structure such as wood studs or baffles which help with airflow in the attic. We will then add new insulation using our expert installation techniques which ensure complete coverage which guarantees the effectiveness of your new insulation. Not only will you reduce the health risks caused by exposure to old, hazardous insulation, you'll also see a reduction in your energy bills and consumption thanks to newer, more effective attic insulation. To get started on updating the insulation in your attic, contact the friendly experts at Scott Asbestos today!

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Asbestos Vermiculite

Properly removing vermiculite from your home or office building requires expert assistance to ensure all traces of the harmful material is completely cleaned, and no harmful airborne fibres manage to spread. At Scott Asbestos, our team of professional cleaners are ready to take every precaution to ensure the vermiculite contamination in your property is properly dealt with. Vancouver, along with a number of other major residential areas of the lower mainland features a number of homes and properties that were built with materials containing vermiculite. Between 1950 and the early 1980s, a large number of construction companies made use of the vermiculite found in one mine in Montana. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that the vermiculite found in this mine had been contaminated with tremolite asbestos. Despite its effective insulation properties and the ease in which it can be installed, vermiculite is among one of the most hazardous building materials which can be found in BC homes and commercial properties, which is why it must be completely removed by a team of professionals.

Vermiculite can be found in attics, wall cavities, filling cinder block walls and underneath sub-floors. With help from Scott Asbestos, any traces of vermiculite on your property can be effectively removed, keeping you and the rest of the building's occupants safe from possible serious health risks. We take all precautions to identify all potentially hazardous material and isolate it to prevent the spread of any airborne toxins. Once all of the asbestos-based vermiculite has been fully removed, we take great care in ensuring the complete and safe disposal of contaminated materials off site. If you own property that was constructed prior to 1990, it may be time to enlist the help of Scott Asbestos to inspect for any traces of vermiculite or other harmful materials. To get started, feel free to contact our friendly staff today!

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