Vancouver Asbestos Disposal Service

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral once widely used in construction for its fire-resistant and insulating properties. However, it poses severe health risks when its fibres become airborne and are inhaled. Identifying and handling asbestos-containing materials, especially friable asbestos, requires caution due to the potential health hazards.

Health Risks of Asbestos

Exposure to asbestos fibres can lead to serious health consequences, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. To mitigate these risks, federal laws regulate asbestos use and removal. Scott Asbestos prioritizes safe removal to protect the health and well-being of clients and their families.

Asbestos Disposal Process

  1. Thorough inspection to identify asbestos-containing materials.
  2. Certified professionals carefully remove and double-bag materials in thick poly bags labeled "asbestos."
  3. Haul bags offsite and ship them to an approved landfill in Alberta for safe disposal.
  4. Extra precautions taken when dealing with friable asbestos.
  5. Strict protocols followed to reduce hazards and protect health and safety.

Asbestos Waste

Asbestos waste poses serious health risks, including lung cancer and mesothelioma. Airborne fibres during improper handling or disposal can harm people and the environment. Scott Asbestos ensures safe and responsible removal and disposal of hazardous materials.

Common Asbestos-Containing Materials

Identifying and removing asbestos-containing materials is crucial. Common items include drywall, floor tiles, insulation, roofing materials, and more. Scott Asbestos provides expert services for inspection, removal, and disposal.

Why Choose Scott Asbestos?

  • Experienced professionals
  • Adherence to environmental regulations
  • Proper packaging, labeling, and disposal
  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • Reliable and responsible asbestos disposal

Locations We Serve

We offer services in Surrey,Vancouver, surrounding Metro Vancouver cities, including the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, Tsawassen, and Squamish. Whether residential or commercial, our team serves with expertise in asbestos disposal, adhering to local regulations. Contact us for reliable asbestos abatement services.