Trevor Scott

Welcome to Scott Asbestos, where safety and awareness are our top priorities. I'm Trevor Scott, the Founder of Scott Asbestos. My journey began with a simple yet profound inspiration: to keep tradespeople safe from workplace hazards, particularly asbestos. As a former project manager in restoration, I noticed a significant gap in the abatement industry, prompting me to establish Scott Asbestos.

At Scott Asbestos, our core values serve as our guiding principles. Integrity is paramount, driving us to do the right thing even when no one is looking. Preparedness is ingrained in our ethos, ensuring we're ready for any situation we encounter. Commitment fuels our determination to accomplish our goals, while effective communication fosters unity within our team. Respect is fundamental, shaping our interactions with others.

In the early days, staffing posed a significant challenge. However, through perseverance and dedication, our team has emerged as industry leaders in hazmat management. Looking ahead, our vision is clear: to lead the industry in the safe removal of hazardous materials from workplaces.

My personal background in construction and restoration directly influences my leadership at Scott Asbestos. This experience equips me with the expertise needed to navigate the hazmat industry effectively.

What sets Scott Asbestos apart is our genuine care and the familial atmosphere within our team. We believe in supporting each other's success, creating a culture of innovation, creativity, and resilience. We empower our leaders with autonomy and provide them with top-notch tools and training.

Beyond our operations, we are committed to making a positive impact in the community. We prioritize initiatives that promote recycling and environmental sustainability.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, I offer this advice: stay focused on your goals and never give up. With determination and perseverance, anything is possible.

Thank you for choosing Scott Asbestos. Together, let's create safer workplaces and a better future.