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Asbestos Removal

Scott Asbestos is here to provide help with the removal and disposal of virtually all types of dangerous or hazardous material. We are pleased to help keep homes, workplaces and communities free of all types of harmful materials from mould and asbestos to bio-hazardous waste. When you need a toxic mess safely removed and properly cleaned, Scott Asbestos is ready to answer your call. We feature a team of fully trained and certified waste disposal professionals who will provide a complete cleaning of whatever type of hazardous mess you have on your hands. We have all the necessary training and equipment to tackle whatever major issue you need cleaned. Whether you're dealing with some minor mould damage or asbestos contamination, or you need to restore an area that was exposed to bio-hazardous waste, grow-op remediation or vermiculite, Scott Asbestos is ready to provide you with top quality cleaning service.

Although asbestos was deemed unsafe for use as a building material as far back as 1979, some companies continued to use it as a building material into the early 1990s. In fact, asbestos has only just been completely banned in Canada as of 2018, meaning it may be more common than you previously thought. Commonly used as a building material in things like ceiling tiles, drywall and insulation, asbestos can release fibres into the air which can be inhaled by a building's occupants causing illnesses such as lung cancer. The only way to ensure the occupants of a home or workplace are safe from cancer causing asbestos is to have the material completely removed. This requires a team of trained experts who will ensure the asbestos is totally removed.

Scott Asbestos can provide a thorough cleaning of any and all asbestos material found on your property, so occupants will be safe from inhaling this hazardous material in the future. To find out more, be sure to contact our office for a cleaning quote today.


Lead Abatement

Commonly used in paints and coatings, lead is still found in many older homes in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. Removing lead-based paint or demolishing walls that are coated with lead can release lead dust into the air which could be breathed in if not wearing proper masks.


Mould Removal

Mould is often caused when certain surfaces are exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time. In some cases, mould in a home or work space can cause frequent illnesses, and can also lead to the development of allergies.

At Scott Asbestos, we take great care in ensuring any and all traces of mould contamination are completely removed from your home or commercial property. Mould can be easily spread through the air when disturbed, which is why we are careful to follow strict containment precautions during the cleaning process to keep the mould isolated as we remove it fully. Contact us today to get started on removing the dangerous mould contamination on your property.

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